I’ve been a hard learner…

As a child i remember, my elder sister would be able to memorise and learn difficult

Theorems or formulas…and i would always have to hit my head against the books… Still
Didn’t help :) !
I continued… slow yet steady…
And… One of the earliest lessons i learnt the hard way was, to be able to drop off my fear
of making a mistakes… For example, in my French or Arabic class, even though i wasn’t the
best of the students, i would make sure i always raised my hand to answer questions, ending
up being the outstanding student of the class…!! Well, my classmates would be able to tell you better of what an outstanding student really meant   ;) 
My parents encouraged me to be bold and face my fears.. Some of
the things i keenly remember were my fear of swimming in the deep side of the pool or in a river…
Or fear of the darkness and strangers… And slowly, i picked up the knack of doing things i was
scared of, on purpose…
And those may have been my first experiences of inner freedom...
With time, i wouldn’t say that I became an exceptional student or remarkable at something, but i
learnt to be open to things in life, never be afraid of committing mistakes and also have integrity
of who i am…
Well yes… It was this ability to step into the unknown, that finally brought me to my Master Sri Sri…
I was still in my teens when I joined our ashram, and I’m sure I must have given a hard time to Guruji
(what I call my Master fondly) as by now I was already a pro at making mistakes :)
And one day with all HIS love & patience HE said, – “Its all right to make mistakes just take care that
you make new one each time. Just don’t keep repeating the old ones !”
Hmmm… Now that was an interesting view point, which I imbibed..
So all set and excited about committing new mistakes, I told Guruji that I want to take care of the
agriculture in the Ashram. Of course agriculture was something I had absolutely no idea of
Guruji smiled at me confidently and said ‘all right’…

Ashram Farmer- 1996

Few days later, I joined Guruji to visit a Swamiji at a nearby Ashram, where we were
graciously gifted around 400 coconut tree saplings to be planted at our Ashram…
Back in those days, It was a big project and I was incharge !
I looked at Guruji with great confidence and told HIM, it shall be done…


After which Guruji was traveling abroad for a few months…
Coconut is a pretty simple looking tree but the process of planting one is not that simple and has to be
taken care of and tended to properly… Well, i made sure everything went by the book, planted the
saplings and looked after them like babies…
The day Guruji arrived back, my hard work hadn’t paid off… With all my knowledge and might
we had planted the saplings, taken care of them… Yet out of the 400 saplings only a few had
survived…! I still don’t know how I managed that :)
Guruji burst out in a loud laughter, patted my shoulder and said, – “It’s alright, try something else…Doesn’t matter what you do, just make sure you keep doing something…!”
Aho …. Another beautiful lesson learnt….!
Watch Sri Sri talk on how to deal with mistakes

Disciple of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.. Art Of Living Teacher.. Lover of the Himalayas.. Motivator, Trekker & a great Cook ;) ..
Twitter: @aakashavani

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