Today is India’s 66th year of Independence.

I know there is a lot to change starting from our own house to the Government. :)

But this morning when i got up i was just thinking of all those things that i am proud of being in India and being an Indian.

We had the Takshashila University – The First University of the World 700BCE with:


More than 10,000 students from India, Babylon, Greece, Arabia and China;

68 streams of Knowledge;

Professors included Kautilya, Panini, Vishnu Sharma, Jivak;

Subjects included Algebra, Geometry, Astronomy, Ayurveda and Medicine, Surgery, Metallurgy, Linguistics, Hypnotism, Meditation, Philosophy, Art, Music, Religion, Economics, Architecture, Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Weaponry, Magic, etc


We introduced the concept of Zero to the world.



The art of Navigation was born in the river Sindh 6000 years ago. The very word Navigation is derived from the Sanskrit word “NAVGATIH”. The word navy is also derived from Sanskrit ‘Nou’.


The science of the Vastu Shastra  is traceable to at least the year 3000 B.C., if not before, and is the oldest systematic science on Architecture and Construction.
And the list goes on…..
So What are YOU proud of?
Share with us in a line or more….
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Gauri Sriram

Engineer by education, banker by experience and meditator and teacher by profession. Love travelling and spreading smiles. interested in dance, music, cooking, reading and adventure sports. Dedicated this lifetime to Sri Sri Ravishankar's goal in bringing a smile on every person's face.
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