My Mother

I bought nothing with me
Her magnanimity provided me succour
Her expanse accomodated me
Her patience absolved me
Of my hidden crimes

She taught me acceptance
She taught me belongingness
She taught me spirituality
She taught me human values

She got herself beaten
To teach the value of independence
She gave me ancestors
Rich in values, conduct and valor
Her life is but an inspiration
To many across the world

She has been a pillar
Ensconced in her arms
I have blossomed
I salute my Mother
My Mother India
Vande Mataram


Well over a decade, Vasantiji has played a key role in creation, coordination andĀ implementationĀ of various projects for the Art Of Living Foundation has constantly been in contact with yuvacharyas, village youth,teachers and participants worldwide. She also has a keen interest in the study of scriptures and varied market phenomena.. "Gurudev is an enigma,my anchor,my guide,my all", is how she describes her Master.
Twitter: @vasantiiyer108

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