Jesus Christ was not killed, crucified, murdered. It had to happen, he had to die, that day, that hour, by those very people. They were just the medium for it to happen.
Brethren, please, let us take into regard and contemplation the life and the personality of Jesus, and not the establishments of his followers, haters, whisperers, lovers, in thought, doctrine and or religious beliefs.
Jesus was the son of God, pardon me, he wasn’t God’s only son, he was as most truly enlightened masters would say, the only God’s son. I mean if he was God’s only son, why would he be Jew? God, the maker of the universe and beyond would have a son and a daughter in every part of the planet, seen and not seen. In fact, there were many sons of the only God, who were at different times, spaces, atmospheres and societies, in different forms, colors and sexes.
I’m personally beyond the perception of gender.
I would rather say that God himself took the form of little Jesus when He chose to step into this world at that time… ‘hmm, let me be a Jew, this time…and yeah…its kinda hell there, those cute fools need me…’
Let’s remove the ‘only’ son business completely. We’re all God’s sons. We’re all part of the supreme consciousness.
Jesus Christ was absolutely cool. He knew thrice of what thrice-his-aged professors knew. He would make them see these cool paradoxes here and there and run away into his mother’s arms. He was innocent and pure in his nature. I mean c’mon, God does what he*  does. He lived in dark times, of power, revenge, politics, public stone pelting( imagine public stone pelting in our society! I would prefer a bullet.) Jesus did what was needed to be done. According to the master plan, which is colorless, raceless, humanless, and, gender-less; But it tastes, of pure love.
 ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good!”
Jesus was good too, actually too good for the amusingly foolish society He chose to live in, rich, oh yeah they were stupendously rich!
He knew that this wannabe riches was not his cup of soup (I like soup more than tea). He was a traveler… walking, sailing, flying, to crazy places in the world to spread peace and love and some kind of order; Turkey, Persia, Iraq, Greece, Kamarupa(now Assam), LA, I don’t know what it was then, maybe just water. He started speaking what he felt. Naturally.
People loved him, some didn’t—those ego maniacs—he started making friends who saw him as their teacher, their Guru. They travelled together, to beautiful places, inhabited by the Mayawatis and the Dick Chenneys of those days. They asked him stuff about the universe and gods and animals and the Devil. He would speak his mind and they would be mesmerized, because he spoke pure, beyond Hebrew. They laughed together, sang together, watched street plays together, did some cool things like water-and-wine-wala thing, bread -loaf-and-fishes-wala thing—there’s a whole different dynamism and a context to those beautiful events, we could talk at a later time.
Meanwhile, the friends and followers and devotees of Jesus became huge. Sometimes, the closer ones like Peter and John would ask him about those mysterious twenty odd years, where he had left everything and went; his mother, his friends, his professors—some say he went into the desert, some-the mountains, some say Kashmir—and he would smile and say ‘it’s a secret’ and run on the water and come back so fast that they couldn’t see it in real time.. he would chuckle and walk with them.
His haters grew. The ones on the chair, for the chair, by the chair, they didn’t like the melodic things he said. They wanted him dead…
These guys plan this whole thing of betraying Jesus and kissing him, and then the walk of shame, and here was Jesus playing his role perfectly for the Oscars in heaven, hanging on that cross, looking down at fools and friends, taking his last breath and then Arnold from the crowd tells weeping Mary “don’t worry sister, He’ll be back!”
‘The end’ only in movies, in life there is no ‘the end’. There is always ‘He’ll be back”. That’s how it has been since the beginning of time.  Then he comes:  Hrithik Roshan……..sorry I just digressed.
What I am saying is; Jesus did his thing. What are you doing?
Why are you disrespecting the purity of his life by flaunting your misunderstood concept of religion, here and there and where ever you can? And the funny part is that those concepts have branches in which people and gold fishes(because no free will) have made houses and live in it! They even eat the fruits that grow on them. Those are not organic!
The problem rises when they try to sell those fruits to people who like paneer, or potatoes, or sushi; when the rest  don’t buy, it is stuffed down the throat. Gluttony is a sin, but what if someone stuffs something down your throat with propagandist table spoons, does this count as sin?
Relax. Take a deep breath innnnnn…..
You know what has no religion? Breath. It is that string that connects us to God and the universe. It is the divine umbilical cord that is never cut. You know how I know this? Because one day someone in my ears sang   so…hum….    so…hum……

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