(Nakul brings to our blog, the first satire.. a sharp stinging effect.. that surprisingly smoothens off at the end.Enjoy!
Of course he is. Tell me again, what’s the big idea that he’s landed with? Breathing? Seriously? What a con job! He’s built a worldwide empire by telling people breathing is good for health? That sitting with eyes closed will resolve all their problems? Tell me you don’t see fraud or fake written all over this story, in capitals.
I’ve seen various kinds of criticism and allegations aimed at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his Art of Living over the years.

What is the proof he is enlightened? What is the the proof for enlightenment at all?

Why two honorifics, why the self-proclamation?
Why money?
What’s so special about his knowledge anyway? It’s common sense, isn’t it?
Pranayam and meditation are ages old. Why does he claim copyright over a breathing technique?
Why is AOL attention hungry?
And others…..
No smoke without fire. Fraud. Fake.
Despite all such persistent doubts, the graph of his popularity has only gone up. So, is he setting himself up for a fall? Because that’s what has happened to many others who had a similar trajectory. Ironically, the clincher seems to be that there hasn’t been a clear controversy that quite nails him. There have been a few, but without meat. We live in times when coming clean means exposing dirty secrets and being squeaky clean only confirms something fishy.
“Give me all your worries and you be free and happy.”
Seriously, who talks like that? Suspicion is a natural reaction when somebody makes such an offer. It is only reasonable to start with the assumption that he’s trying to trick me. But trick me into what? Into calming down? By any stretch of imagination, inviting just anybody to dump emotional garbage on you is not the most straightforward way to money, fame and power. For somebody smart enough to pull off a ‘fraud’ of this proportion, there are easier way to get those and for a much smaller price.
“The whole world is one family.”
The reason such ideas seem absurd is because in the world that we are used to, it is far easier to love dogs than people. On what authority does he keep saying God loves human beings when they themselves find it so hard to love each other? In light of overwhelming evidence visible all around, it is easier and much more comfortable to conclude life sucks than to believe it is a gift. But if he has managed to sell this ridiculous idea all over, it only shows that stupidity cuts across all barriers of culture and religion, in which case his ‘fraud’ turns out to be true – there IS something that binds humanity after all.
Crucifixion is not new. It is inevitable for anybody who sets out to do what Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is doing. In the Bible, that a man, half beaten to death, could ask forgiveness for the very people who drove nails through him should have been proof enough of his extraordinariness. But no, they hail him as the Christ only after he resurrects himself. And he wisely chooses to stay away from the limelight after that. The change in the world since then is only cosmetic and it is unlikely he will meet a different fate if he ever wishes to return.
Which messenger of peace has not had to face vindictiveness? There were people who tried to get rid of Buddha as well, a man who walked out on all the wealth and power at his command. It is not such a big surprise that there are people who want to slander and defame Sri Sri too. I have paid keen attention to every story, every controversy that claimed to come up with “the truth about Sri Sri” or expose the Art of Living fraud. On close scrutiny, they turn out to be so loopy themselves, you cannot be any less wary of them than what they ‘expose’.
One can only know or judge anything by the measure of one’s own depth. And this world, this life is not something that can be known so easily. You cannot hope to sit on convenient conclusions and borrowed opinions if you really want to find the truth about it. And people like Sri Sri while shedding light on it also deepen the mystery. He often says, “The ones who really know will never tell you and the ones who tell you do not know.”
-NAKULNakul quit his job with a chip design company and has been living at the Art of Living Ashram at Bangalore since 2008
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Used to design micro chips, then taught Art of Living courses, now live in an ashram.
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