A character called Vikram Gandhi has made a documentary mocking spiritual masters and followers. In his documentary called “Kumare”, he becomes a fake guru and goes around convincing people they are their own Guru’s but his followers still believe him as a spiritual guide. In the end he unveils his true identity and this stuns his followers.
In a TED talk he questions the need for a spiritual leader and the need for a spiritual experience. He tries to prove that a fake religion can become a true religion and there is no such thing as a spiritual authority. He mentions that Gurus get their videos of adoration and admiration made. As part of this “initiative”, he has built a fraud website where he mentions about just walking up next to Sri Sri for a few seconds during the Kumbh Mela and taking a pic! He has mentioned the temple of “Nunchen” (nonsense) and a mount “Alikash” (word play of Kailash) and he uses the nike tagline “just do it” and translates it into Sanskrit and makes it a mantra. He says his videos got hits because one can put up adds in India cheaply. Throughout the talk, he seems to give a very shallow description of Gurus, which he seems to have sourced through such videos. He mentions that Guru’s “claim to be wise and know all the answers and have all the cures”. He has boasted about how he has proved the uselessness of spiritual Gurus.Dear Vikram, I doubt you have had any real interaction with a true living master or experienced its obvious outcomes like a sense of wonder, gratefulness, compassion, devotion or a natural outpouring of service to others!When Sri Sri was asked about it, He said he has proved nothing but the placebo effect. An ordinary pill when had with faith may cure a patient’s ailment. That does not disprove the effectiveness of a medicine. That doesn’t mean one could rule out the entire pharmaceutical industry or prove that the fields of medicine like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani etc are uselessness.
You have simply reinforced what Jesus said, “your faith has healed you”. Sri Sri added saying, “It is the faith (of people) that makes healing happen; if it was only upto me, I would have healed the whole world long time ago!”
Dear Vikram, do you think that by donning saffron robes and pretending to be a saint, you think you have demolished saint hood, that every spiritual person who is or has ever been is a farce? Do you mean to say Arobindo, Ramakrishna Paramhamsa, Narayana Guru have deceived people, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a farce?
You have deviously used the system and tradition of Hinduism to defame it. Why do you think people believed and related to what you were saying? It is because people have read from Paramhamsa Yogananda and about the Yogis from time immemorial. They believed you only because you came wearing saintly clothes. You, or anyone, can buy a stethoscope and wear white coat and people will believe you to be a doctor. Anyone can wear a police officer’s uniform and people will believe him to be a policeman; they will follow rules when he is around! In effect, you are no different from a smart con man! You have misused the faith of people and deceived them. You should be tried in a court for deception.
A Guru is a position, an authority. And only a truly qualified person should occupy it. Rather than glorifying what you did, take a while to contemplate that all in all what you have proved is the fakeness of the fake gurus, not that of the Guru Parampara or the Holy tradition of Saints and Devotees. And in doing so, you have fallen prey to your own ignorance, biases and prejudices. In your praise, all I can say is that at least you admitted to the public at large that you are fake unlike many others who wear saintly garb and deceive people. I invite you to take your experiment one step further and see if you could have a truly spiritual experience through the grace of a Satguru and unlock the transcendental states of consciousness which are the birth right of every human being. May the divine bless you with SatBuddhi.
Watch a video on Guruji’s views on difference between an Acharya (Teacher) and Guru (Spiritual Master)
Dinesh Ghodke

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