Art of Living International Center, Bangalore hosted for the first time ever Ancient

Wisdom Workshop which taught kids from 10-18 years of age:

How did our ancient civilizations lived in harmony with the creation?What is Ayurveda and what is the importance of Sanskrit ?Who were the saints and great kings of our land?How is ancient wisdom relevant to your life today?

Below is a short excerpt of the session taken by Bhanumathi Narasimhan, Gurudev’s sister on Chanting of various Sanskrit Shlokas.

bhanu didi

Bhanu Didi teaching Ancient Wisdom participants the importance of chanting sanskrit shlokas.

You are very fortunate to learn shlokas. When Gurudev and I were growing we learnt the Bhagawad Gita. One of our neighbors was a Gandhian, she used to live with Gandhi and had fought for the freedom of our country. Every evening she used to teach Bhagawad Gita for an hour. We were the youngest so we used to sit in the front and she would give us a chocolate or a biscuit everyday so I used to go only for the sweets.Today I am so greatful that I went as she gave the sweetest thing that is the shlokas.

You are so well founded that you sat in this class, learnt all of this and shown interest in coming here and learning the Ancient Wisdom that is our wealth so you will definitely remember this class when you grow older. You will be grateful to all your teachers because this is a precious knowledge that makes you sweet. So this wisdom is the smile for your soul, heart and mind.

Sanskrit shlokas sharpens your intellect. Sanskrit language is best suited for computers. Children who practice Sanskrit shlokas get away from stammering. Satsang means being in the company of good people so you get good vibrations. To keep your mind happy and calm you should meditate. When you are confident half the hurdles are cleared but when we are fearful we make many mistakes.

Guruji says life is joy, love and enthusiasm. Guruji tells the adults to be like children.Krishna represents bal mukund because the child in you, the innocence in you is the bliss.



Bhanu Didi as we all lovingly call her is the Director of Women and Childcare

projects and has been instrumental in instituting the “Care for-Children” program,

which provides education for underprivileged rural children, free of cost. She is also

the Chair Person of the International Women’s conference since 2005. These

conferences seek to provide a platform for women leaders to share their successes,

and inspire one-another to succeed against formidable odds.

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